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An insight into just how mad Jennie and Katherine's event was! ...

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Wheelers "EVENING SERIES ROAD RACE #5" - 4th July 2019
Midmar West Course

We require more helpers for the event to go ahead.
We need to have these in place by Wednesday 26th June or sadly we will need to cancel the event.
Outstanding requirements ~~
Marshalls …………………. Total 8 (presently have 2 names but not confirmed)
Left Turn at Lyne of Lynton x 1
Left Turn on to A944 x 2
Left Turn at Millbank onto B993 x 2
Left Turn onto B9119 x 2
Left Turn into Midmar x 1

Sign on at HQ 1 (preferably 2)
Lead Car 1
Lead Car 2
Com 1
Com 2
First Responder
First Aid
Service 1

If you can help out please leave a comment below.

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Incredible results from 2 Wheeler finishers of the Celtman yesterday, Jennie Mccoll and Kath Thomson. Both have done some of these extreme endurance tests of the past, but judging by the course (3.5k open water swim, 200km bike and marathon over the mountains, this will have been the hardest!

and here's me wondering if I can fit in a 2 hour bike ride!

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Michael Gordon wins the DTCC Midmar evening RR!

The following text taken from neighbouring (and host) club Deeside Thistle. Hopefully this is okay to use!

"As the flag dropped outside Echt and the riders headed out towards Garlogie, the pace lifted to 30mph+ for a couple of miles. Things settled down on the approach to the left turn at Garlogie then kicked off on the rise and the first few riders were shelled out the back. The remaining riders made it around the turn towards Dunecht in a bunch and a couple of attempted breaks were reeled back before Dunecht village.

The Midmar climb took a few more victims and once over the top, the group strung out on the fast decent to the main road junction. The majority of the riders re-grouped towards Miller Plant and the fast decent towards Echt.

After safely navigating the parked cars outside the Echt Tandoori (and who could argue with those curry lovers!), what unlimately proved to be the race winning move took Duggan, Mackley, Williamson, Scott, Gordon and Gelati up the road. These six riders managed to stay away for the rest of the ride, working well together stretching the lead to nearly a minute and a half at one point.

A chasing group of about 12 kept plugging away, but working together didn't seem to be high on the agenda for some of the riders and there were a few waving arms and frayed tempers noted at times.

As the riders decended towards Echt for the final time, the leading 6 were 45 seconds ahead and 3 of the chasing 12 had managed to gap that group.

The leading six turned at Garlogie together and Michael Gordon (AWCC) took the win from Tommy Gelati (Bio-racer), Neil Scott (DTCC), Tim Mackley and Chris Williamson (VCRT) followed by Dave Duggan (Wheelbase).

The next three were Callum Gibb (Holburn), Dom Cordner (DTCC) and Bob Cowie (AWCC).

With a final point up for grabs in the next group, Richard Harris (DTCC) hit out early on the climb to the line, but was pipped by Mark Madigan (Elgin) for the spoils.

A cracking and safe race.

Next race (#5) is 4th July on the Midmar West course hosted by AWCC. Volunteers to help to Saville Gunn. See you all there!"


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Iain on his way at the Scottish National 25m TT

Photo credit to Ed Hood/VeloVeritas.co.uk

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